Studio Pagani

Studio Pagani is an independent firm of Dottori Commercialisti founded more than thirty years ago in Italy. As a member of international professional associations, Studio Pagani is characterized by a strong international vocation.

The main purpose of the Studio is to provide consulting services to corporate, tax and accounting companies, with particular focus on corporate restructuring, extraordinary business operations for individual companies or business groups and corporate contracts management.

Our Services

We understand your business and transform the complexities of a constantly evolving tax system into practical solutions.
Studio Pagani professionals provide excellent tax, accounting and labor law consultancy; our international and national clients address us because they know we can provide them the best answer to their questions.

Every day, we commit ourselves in order to continue to deserve their trust.

Our Goals

We stand close to the client to respond promptly or to anticipate any unexpected needs and issues.

What We Offer


Each of our partners and collaborators offer our clients a high level of competence, as provided for in the directives of the Professional Order of Chartered Accountants.

In addition, the efficient organization and the shared experience of the professionals allow Studio Pagani to be flexible and capable of addressing the clients’ needs with creative and effective solutions


One of the main focus of the Studio is to be thoroughly and constantly updated about the legislative framework, ensuring knowledge of the legislation and its continuous variations.

In particular, each partner and associate has a profound knowledge of commercial and tax law, business economics and both general and applied accounting, in both English and Italian language.


The professional ethics we adopt aims at developing and maintaining our main assets:

  • Accuracy: operating with precision, by constantly monitoring the quality and the results of our work.
  • Reliability: showing integrity, irreproachability and commitment towards the client in order to build trust and mutual respect.
  • Self-control and stress management: maintaining proper emotional control and keep a focus on the client’s goals and needs, even when under pressure or dealing with unforeseen circumstances.
  • Flexibility, adaptability: the ability to change behavior according to the work environment, to every single requests and to the team needs, acting promptly to face changes and emergencies in the most efficient way.
  • Customer Orientation: anticipate, recognize and meet the customer’s needs by providing personalized and satisfactory solutions through a high-quality service.
Our contribution

We advise entrepreneurs, medium-sized enterprises and local headquarters of international groups by providing the most suitable and effective solution. We assist our clients during ordinary and extraordinary activities (companies and shareholdings purchase or sale, corporate reorganization and restructuring, disputes and arbitrations), helping them to grow.

Thanks to the business and work relationships established by the founders during their long professional activity, the Studio can count on a network of specialized professionals (legal representatives, notaries, university professors, labor law consultants, etc.) who can help us offer a comprehensive and interdisciplinary consultancy service that always meets the client’s needs.

Our Values
  • independence and integrity;
  • transparency;
  • confidentiality;
  • continuous improvement of the service quality
Our Vocation

We are constantly at work to build solid and long-lasting relationships with the customer, based on trust and loyalty.

Our main motivation is customer’s satisfaction, which we believe can only be achieved by offering outstanding and timely performances.

The firm has a strong international vocation with widespread experience in international business and business relations.

Raffaella Pagani

Alessandra Pagani

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Studio Pagani

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