Our Activities

Contractual assistance and arbitration

Studio Pagani offers consultancy and support in the negotiation, the drafting and the execution of contracts, settlements, deeds, private agreements and draft texts for:

  • Company acquisition, sale or lease;
  • Purchase or sale of shares, quotas and equity securities;
  • Lease (including financial lease), rental and loan for use of tangible and intangible assets;
  • Procurements, shareholders’ agreements, letters of Intent, association in participation, joint ventures and others.

Studio Pagani provides the above services pursuant to the Legislative Decree 231 of the 8th June 2001.
Studio Pagani provides assistance in the organization of companies in compliance with privacy regulations.
Studio Pagani carries out arbitration services in the following forms: arbitrator of one party, sole arbitrator, third arbitrator appointed by a board of arbitrators or as chairman of the board of arbitrators itself.

Administrative and accounting consultancy and management control

Studio Pagani offers the following services:

  • Accounting assistance even at the companies office if necessary, with temporary support for data processing and the updating of the general journal and of tax records;
  • Direct keeping of accounts during the start-up phase of the client company.
  • Continuous consultancy on the administrative processing of data, intermediate financial statements production, cost and analytical accounts, indices analysis, management control and reporting;
  • Periodic and systematic verifications of the company administrative archives, registers and records;
  • Consultancy and assistance in the interpretation and application of principles of auditing and accounting and of the International Accounting Standards (IAS);
  • Assistance and consultancy in the drawing of financial statements and the associated deeds and documents, quarterly and half-year reports and consolidated financial statements;
  • Management of relationships with the Board of Auditors and the auditing companies;
  • Formal communications and financial statements filing;
  • Support to the Investor Relator.

Business and financial consultancy

Studio Pagani performs:

  • Analysis of the company’s structure and procedures.
  • Business plans, assessments, companies establishment, structuring, restructuring and reorganization, sales of company branches, liquidation;
  • Support during turnovers and consultancy on how to maintain continuity in business management;
  • Optimization in the choice of the resources and of the financial means of investment, implementation of tools for covering financial risks.
  • Company rating according to the requirements of the banking system (Basel II).
  • Support in the identification and in obtaining low-interest loans and subsidies (SME, EU, national, regional and Chambers of Commerce).

Labor law consultancy and payroll processing

Studio Pagani provides:

  • Consultancy for the interpretation of Collective Bargaining Agreements, roles, duties and organizational structure;
  • Fixed-term contracts;
  • Support during negotiations with trade unions and bargaining;
  • Documents for employment, resignations and layoffs, both individual and collective, for the phasing out of sites, departments and production sites and leaving incentives;
  • Support during disputes;
  • Payroll processing, taxes and income statements;

Tax consultancy

Studio Pagani assists its clients on ordinary tax matters:

  • Ordinary and continuous consultancy on tax laws relating to direct and indirect taxation and other taxes, intra-EU VAT, double taxation agreements, contracts taxation with national and foreign counterparts;
  • Budget and taxation, income tax declarations drawing and control, tax implications and tax returns of extraordinary corporate transactions, domiciliation or tax representation of foreign companies in Italy, fiscal procedures, updating of company procedures according to the evolution of the legal framework (through newsletter addressed to our clients);
  • Pro-veritate opinions, official application procedures, tax check-ups, assistance during fiscal audits by the authorities;
  • National and international tax-planning;
  • Processing of official applications;
  • Management of fiscal audits and suggestion of alternatives to tax litigation;
  • Informative newsletters to the clients on tax and corporate matters.

Corporate advice

Studio Pagani carries out consultancy on various aspects of business law on ordinary and extraordinary business activities and on relationships between companies, partners, directors and auditors.

The Studio activity includes:

  • Preventive analysis on the choice of the corporate status based on the client’s needs.
  • Assistance during the start-up phase of a company and in ordinary company management.
  • Consultancy on corporate actions (BOD, shareholders’ meetings, etc.) and on the relationships between two (or more) partners, partners and companies, companies and governing bodies;
  • Planning and management of turnovers;
  • Assistance and consultancy for the selection of corporate governance structures;
  • Contractual assistance on sales and acquisitions of companies and corporate holdings;
  • Bonds issue;
  • Taking up of positions as auditor and statutory auditor;
  • Taking up of positions as director and liquidator;
  • Consultancy for planning, negotiations, assessments, due diligence, transactions, closures, extraordinary operations aimed at the creation of commercial or industrial alliances, merges and split ups, transfers, appraisals, formation or dissolution of business groups;
  • Assessment of opportunities, support during acquisitions for the definition of contractual clauses, warranties and way-out, financing modalities of the operations, leveraged and management buy out;
  • Consultancy and assistance in processes for the listing of companies on the Italian stock exchange and on foreign regulated markets, pro-forma balance sheets, prospectus, study of the best strategy to  present the operation (road show), structure of the operation (IPO), drawing of relevant company documents, coordination of the professionals involved (audit and law firms, global coordinators, sponsors, etc.);
  • Drawing of all ordinary and extraordinary corporate documents, meeting minutes, study and drawing documents amending the Articles of Association, increases or reductions of capital, procedures to cover losses, follow up of statutory processes connected with extraordinary operations, approval of the balance sheet, appointments and resignations, powers, deposits, and digital signatures.

Studio Pagani offers all the professional services related to the management of extraordinary operations, such as:

  • Business analysis and financial forecasting.
  • Financial statements and competitive position analysis, resulting in the identification of the business critical issues.
  • Identification of the most efficient tax related acquisition structure and planning of corporate, tax, and accounting actions during the operation;
  • Accounting, financial, legal and fiscal due diligence.

Tax Litigation

Studio Pagani offers a specialist service that follows the taxpayer both in the pre-litigation stage and in tax litigations.

In the initial stage of the litigation, the Studio assists the taxpayer during the relevant offices and/or Finance Police tax examination. It also provides support to prevent the onset of possible disputes, such as the establishment of self-protection and tax assessment settlements.

The taxpayer is given legal representation during proceedings before Regional and Provincial Commissions with:

  • The drafting of appeals;
  • Counterclaims;
  • Applications for the suspension of tax collection;
  • Representation in Court.

Business planning, budgeting, reporting

Studio Pagani offers:

  • Consultancy in the implementation of management planning and control systems;
  • Business planning, budgeting, reporting & controlling and periodic assistance;
  • Consultancy and assistance in the drawing of periodic reporting packages in accordance with the international standards and the application of the International Accounting Standards (IFRSs) or of the Group.

Other services

Studio Pagani also offers:

  • Tax and legal consultancy for non-commercial or nonprofit organizations, ONLUS , associations and foundations.
  • Storage and preservation of corporate books and inventories;
  • Management of real estate assets and administration of real estate companies;
  • Voluntary financial statement audit, audit within a group of companies for consolidation;
  • Registered office domiciliation.

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