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Studio Pagani is a group of certified accountants members of the Association of Certified Accountants based in Milan (Italy).

This profession is regulated by the Ministry of Justice with the aim of safeguarding public interest and guaranteeing reliability and integrity, principles that Studio Pagani embraces and respects.

The consultancy activity this company offers covers all aspects of accounting, financial statements, tax, corporate and labor law connected with every business initiative. Our wide range of services follows a company during its entire life cycle, from its establishment to its liquidation.

Our partners have a complete and proven corporate culture and thorough knowledge and experience, that make us able to face all the subjects relating to the business of a company, both in theory and in practice.

Studio Pagani is a member of IPG International Practice Group since 1998. IPG is a worldwide association that gathers lawyers, accountants and tax advisers now based in London.

Studio Pagani is directly connected to Iniziativa Frua S.n.c., the Studio service company…

Sergio Pagani

Sergio Pagani


Born in 1936, he graduated in business economics at the Università cattolica di Milano and later obtained a master’s degree in economics.
He worked for more than twenty years for multinational corporations (including Unilever and Conoco) where he obtained, among others, the position of Vice President and General Manager, in Italy, Germany, Sweden and the USA. This allowed him to gain great experience in corporate management and corporate issues.
In 1978, he decided to work as a freelance professional and became a chartered accountant and a statutory auditor. In his career, he was appointed a member of the Board of Directors in several commercial companies and has been member of numerous Boards of Statutory Auditors.

Raffaella Pagani

Raffaella Pagani


Born in 1971, she graduated in 1995 at Università Bocconi in Milan with honors and became a chartered accountant and a statutory auditor in 1996. Throughout her career, she has been a member of the Commissione permanente di Studio sull’Euro  and the Commissione Contrasti Normativi e fiscalità internazionale  of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Milan.
She is specialized in international business and gained important experience in the field of Financial Statements, Consolidated Financial Statements and international contracts. She has worked along several companies advising them during extraordinary operations and became an expert in tax litigations. Besides her commitment to Studio Pagani, she is Chairman of  Statutory Board and  member of the Board of Director as an independent Director for the Italian leading listed companies, she is an auditor for local authorities and a member of supervisory bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Alessandra Pagani

Alessandra Pagani

Member and director of Frua S.n.c., affiliated to Studio Pagani

Born in 1967, she is partner and Director of Iniziativa Frua since 1988, a company that collaborates with Studio Pagani to provide clients with qualified services, focused in particular on labor law counseling. She is an expert in accounting, taxation, budgeting and management control. Besides her commitment with Studio Pagani and Frua S.n.c., she is member of several Board of Directors and tax representative of several foreign companies operating in Italy.

Paola Bariati

Paola Bariati


Paola Bariati was born in 1973 and graduated in Accounting in 1992. She is a member of Studio Pagani since 1993. By managing and keeping accounts of numerous clients, she became an expert in tax consueling for both direct and indirect taxation, as well as in the drawing of financial statements.

Timely Support

Thanks to its modern information system, Studio Pagani guarantees qualified and timely service even during holiday periods.

Innovative Ideas

The Studio aims to create new forms of tailored services that adapt to the specific needs of the customer.

Advanced Technology

The Studio pursues ever-increasing computerization to support most of the administrative processes and diminish the time the customers must dedicate to necessary but less profitable activities.

Clear Communication

The Studio regularly communicates with its customers through a monthly newsletter with the main updates about tax legislation.

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